Android Was For Cameras, GTA Was A Mistake And Latest Tech Facts.

We All Have A Mobile Phone, Laptop and we all use Internet Connection This All comes under technology and their are some Latest Tech Facts of technology we all should know.

Latest Tech Facts

  1. Android was Not For Smart Phones: Android Is The worlds Biggest Operating System (OS) But when it was designed it was for smart cameras not for smart phones but smart cameras was a failure. Because people use their laptop or computer to upload pictures and media to social media in that era so Google Decides to make a touch smart phone with Android OS.
  2. IOS Was Designed For Tablets Only: IOS is World’s Second Largest OS But It Was For Tablets Only Steve Jobs Saw The Virtual Keyboard They Decided To make a touch smart phone
  3. WiFi Full Form: The full form of WiFi Is Wireless Fertility And Most Of The People Have No Idea About This Even Search Engines.
  4. Microsoft Wants The Piracy Of Windows: Microsoft Wants That You Should Use Pirated Windows Because They want you be addicted with Windows you must learn windows and When You Go For Jobs You Have To Purchase Windows Genuine Version.
  5. The word “Computer” doesn’t have any full form:This word is derived from the word “compute” which means to “to calculate” , “to count” or “to sum up”.
  6. Your mobile phone actually doesn’t involve multitasking:It can handle only one task at one time. But it rapidly switches so fast between different apps that we cannot able to see the difference
  7. The power button symbol comes from binary system: It comes from the binary system where “1” means “on” and “0” means “off”.
  8. QWERTY was designed to slow down your typing:our Keybord Is Not Like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ To Slow down Your Typing.

These Were Latest Tech Facts Of 2020

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