Microsoft Windows 10 Allow Cracking?

Do you have any idea how many people are there in the world who use pirated windows? Pirated means which are cracked, the fake copy of a Windows. Windows Cracking is so much common.

Whereas, Genuine versions of Windows are purchased from Microsoft where you get proper updates.

In this post we will discuss about the limitations of using pirated or cracked windows and why Microsoft allows us to use such windows.

There are many intelligent employees working under Microsoft company who can stop this piracy whenever they want but still they don’t do so. Why? Have you ever think of it?

Microsoft allows to use pirated windows in the countries like India as such countries are still developing. But in developed countries like USA, the rules are very strict regarding this and you can’t easily use pirated windows there.

Because, people are very concern about their privacy in such countries. If you are using pirated windows, you must be concern about your privacy.

People who created pirated windows removes the licensing part of windows, as a result of which the activation part also get removed or they made it activated by editing the source code or by installing other program in a wrong way. They made the system confused by which it seems like the software is activated by Microsoft whereas it is actually not activated but worked properly.

Being a common user, you don’t have much knowledge about how this pirated windows are created. There might be a malware or there can be added any extra software, which can create an issue on your privacy. Some source code or programs are there which can be bundle to mine cryptocurrency. Your account might be hacked even after you take care off your security very well.

Because the antivirus you are using to secure your PC or laptop is running on the software which itself is infected. When the main software is infected, no antivirus can be useful as it won’t detect any virus. Thus it is a little risky to use pirated windows.

Coming back to the question why it is allowed. The developing countries doesn’t purchase it through money but it helps to make the eco system strong which increases its brand value. Many people doesn’t purchase windows but purchase the extra services provided by windows such as MS Office which increases its sale.

This is the strategy of Microsoft to sell their product. It is a long term investment for windows where Microsoft wants users addicted to windows only so that in future those users purchase windows product. If Microsoft doesn’t allow piracy then Windows os can easily be replaced by Linux or such other free operating system. So, for business reasons Microsoft allows to use Pirated Windows. I do not recommend Windows Cracking.

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